Fungal Molecular Ecology & Biotechnology

 5. Laccase gene expression in a sugar maple forest site

 work in Prof. Vandenbols and Prof. Zaks group

Fig1 Oceana forest site

The focus of this study was to develop new primers to follow the expression of fungal lignocellulolytic enzyme coding genes in a forst site in Michigan, which was chronically supplemented with an increased amount of nitrogen. One enzyme with ligninolytic potential among them was laccase.

Left picture shows the sugar maple forest field site in Oceana County, Michgan.


The full set of enzymes and additional informations to this study you can find here: link















 Following fungal enzymes were found during this study:


Table PLOS one2


 Kellner H., Zak D.R., Vandenbol M. (2010): Fungi Unearthed: Detection of Expressed Lignocellulolytic and Chitinolytic Enzymes in Forest Soil. PLoS ONE 5(6): e10971.  doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0010971


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